About Bradbury House

Bradbury House provides residential and day-service provision for adults with intellectual disabilities, who may also have a dual diagnosis of autism and associated social & communication difficulties.

Residential Services

Bradbury Houses’ aim is to provide residential homes where individuals have the opportunity to develop their independent living skills in a surrounding that is supportive of their needs and wellbeing.

We will provide this in a way that ensures each individual is treated with privacy, dignity and with the opportunity to make their own choices.

Our philosophy is to enable people to live within a community setting and for them to benefit from living as a valued member of a family, which is both sympathetic to their individual needs and encourages them to progress and succeed with their own goals in life.

Day Services

Our day services provision utilises a unique model focusing on the therapeutic use of a rural environment, with a range of facilities to provide day-service sessions, education, skills-training and work opportunities for our service users.

All our services are underpinned by a positive behavioural support model overseen by our behavioural specialist support team.