About Bradbury House

The purpose and function of Mill House to provide services under the headings;
  • Autism
  • Intellectual Disability

Mill House provides 24-hour care to adults with disabilities both male and female from the age of 18 onwards. The age group at Mill House will be continually assessed to ensure that it is within an appropriate range.

It is the primary objective of Bradbury House Ireland to ensure that the appropriate supports are provided at the correct time to ensure that the service user has the opportunity to lead a life of their choosing as a valued and equal member of society. To achieve this objective, we work in partnership with the service user to support them to reach their full potential, free from prejudice and fear.

This environment will be sympathetic to their individual needs and will encourage them to progress and succeed with their own aims and objectives. To achieve this aim we offer high quality residential living accommodation, coupled with day-service provision.

The staff team at Mill House are dedicated to working with each service user to develop and implement their own specific personal plan. Each personal plan is designed with the service user’s personal wants, needs and ambitions at the centre in conjunction with the service user. Person-centred services will be provided and will be based on an assessment of need.


Bradbury House Complaint Procedure Form (21.0MB)